• The multi-functional personal wallet which support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and so on.

  • The PAYBLE has an ability to exchange Alternative Coins include Bitcoin to 19 currencies and members can send them immediately each other.

  • The free-messenger function among Payble members.

Amazing Features

Currently, the most problematic issue about cryptocurrencies is continuously increasing sending time and the changes of price while sending those when people use cryptocurrencies as payment method. Even for the safest cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin sometimes take over 24 hours to send. Also, except for Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies may not be exchanged in the all the cryptocurrencies exchange markets.

  • There is no loss for changes in cryptocurrencies price within PAYBLE members when they pay, Exchanges to other country currencies while trading on fixed price.

  • The Exchange can be done with the currencies that the worldwide Mori users want with the fast sending process (1~2 minutes) and Commission free for PAYBLE Members.

  • We use the latest cryptographic technology and the transaction between the outer wallet and PAYBLE uses blockchain technology.

  • Free message function is provided for helping the trade between PAYBLE members.

App Screenshots

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Current issue about using cryptocurrencies as payment method is continuously increasing sending time and price change while sending.

  • The safest cryptocurrency call Bitcoin has cases that take more than 24 hours on sending.

  • Also, other cryptocurrencies except for Bitcoin may not be considered in online platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

  • Now, by using PAYBLE, members can change their cryptocurrencies to their wanted currencies then, send it to family, friends and pay in online shopping.